Houston2020 Building the community for generations to come...
Houston2020 Building the community for generations to come... 

By the grace of Almighty and blessings of His Last Hujjat (atfs), Houston2020 has organized the following FUNDRAISERS -


Labbaik ya Hussain!

Arbaeen is still months away, but the works at Mawqibs have to be done now (before summer). Mawqib 219 (Bayathul Ghadeer) is putting new English restrooms and other works estimated @ $20,000. There is brother who is willing to match 100%; and so we need to collect $10,000. This is a chance to contribute whatever you can for the services to visitors of Imam Hussain for years to come.

So, for English restrooms & other works -
Required = $20,000
100% match, so goal = $10,000

Also, inshallah we should be sending out Ashoora & Arbaeen Ziyarat details soon.





Jafaria Cemetery Fundraiser

This is a unique opportunity for all to contribute to the development of Jafaria Cemetery in Houston, which will inshallah last for generations to come giving us thawaab-e-jaari. 

Please help the cause and participate in the $100K (20-5-5) challenge -

1. Donate $20+ @ www.youcaring.com/JafariyaCemeteryFundraiser

2. Forward this message to 5+ of your dear ones (family and friends)

3. Do this in next 5 minutes

Jafaria Cemetery has many salient features and some of which are as follows -

  • First graveyard fully owned by momeneen (in Houston)
  • Burials fully per Islamic laws
  • Community Funeral director
  • ~28mins from Masjid AlRasool AlAkram
  • ~$80 Million savings to the community over the life of the project







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