Houston2020 Building the community for generations to come...
Houston2020 Building the community for generations to come... 


Houston2020 is a volunteer organization working towards building the local community for the generations to come.


Some of the main goals of the organization are to -

  • Empower everyone with knowledge
  • Develop grassroots volunteer organization
  • Promote accessible business and professional network
  • Provide job leads and opportunities for everyone
  • Support and guide students pursuing higher education
  • Support local projects
  • Support immigrant integration




Houston2020 plans to build community network and provide following services -

  • Classes for momeneen (especially youth)
  • Business and professional network
  • Houston volunteer network
  • Job bank
  • Support and guide students pursuing higher education
  • Karz-e-hasna for higher education (with repayment and volunteering commitments)
  • Meeting the experts
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Help immigrants with guidance and integration
  • Support local projects




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