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Welcome to Houston2020!

Houston2020 is a volunteer organization working towards building the local community for generations to come.

We can do it together - one project at a time.

Also, now is a good time to make your donations / contributions to our Houston community projects (which get thawaab-e-jaaree and, also, tax deductions). 

More info available in the “Projects - Houston” section. Also, please see details and donate generously for the new IEC Clear Lake Center 



By the grace of Almighty and blessings of Imam (as), Houston2020 successfully conducted the following quizzes-

1. GRAND 15th SHABAAN QUIZ COMPETITION on 02-Jun-2015 @ IPF Masjid AlRasool AlAkram (s) 

(Br Abid Raza won the GRAND PRIZE iPad-mini).

2.  GRAND 23rd RAMADAN QUIZ COMPETITION on 09-Jul-2015 at Al-Ghadeer

(Sr Yara Charif won the GRAND PRIZE iPad-mini)